About Us

Shivi Dance Studio was founded in the month of January in 2017 by Shivi Khurana and Aryan Negi with a view of providing best quality dance with high class professional trainers at affordable prices in Delhi. Shivi dance studio offering many dance classes such as Bollywood, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Jazz, Waacking, Belly, Gymnastics and Fitness classes. We have special fitness batches for ladies with the team of professional trainers who are passionate about dance and we all are happy to help students to understand their styles & groom their style.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build the strong foundation for dance forms, fitness and health. We together are working on the mental n physical health with the help of dance. Different dance styles helps to rejuvenate mind and soul and also reduces stress levels. We majorly focus to strengthen our children’s foundation so that they become proficient in any style.

Shivangi Khurana

She is taking shivi dance studio places in her new role as the Head of Operations of the studio. Known for her dancing skills and supportive nature Shivi khurana is one of the best renowned dancer in Delhi and certified aerobics & zumba trainer. she is still learning to embrace her passion for dance. Shivangi khurana is also a professional model and she has achieved fresh face award of the year in 2017 and best hair award in 2015 organised in Delhi.

Aryan Negi

He is the one who understands the importance of skill development in an individual and he is gradually working towards the grooming and upskilling of individuals caliber through Dance & attitude towards life. He has a experience of 10 years in the industry of media. He is a journalist and presently working with Mh1 tv network as a commanding director.